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開催会期 2016年7月14日〜7月20日 *18日(月)祭日は休館
     10:00〜18:00 (土・日 11:00〜17:00)
最終日 15:00まで
開催会場 フォトギャラリー キタムラ


TEL:03-3531-3185 又は090-1600-2362(山口)
e-mail otaka-photo@expos.jp

I'll be announce our schedule of events in 2016.
★Workshop -16 "Yellowstone + Grand Teton" was finished with good condition. We stayed for 7 days and took photograph at Yellowstone It is the waterfall which it is low, and is full of an effect of the heated water steam and the fresh green, quantity of water of the temperature just after the end to close between the winter season (ten days) for from the beginning of June, 2016 to the middle atand Grand Teton which peaks of the remaining snow.Finished
★Private Photo-Tour "ABQ International Balloon Fiesta+Lake Powell + Page Area"
We'll start at Albuquerque New Mexico take photos of BalloonFiesta,White Sands, and Santa Fe,and stay by houseboat on the lake Powell (Total days 12 days) at October 7 to19, holding time and anchor in complicated many inlets and rotate in a canyon and the strangely shaped rocks zone that it strikes it, and develop a green surface of a lake and the beautiful scenery of a red Navaho sandstone, a blue sky and the cloud in photography and the Page neighborhood area.

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