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旅写展 のお知らせ
「視覚」「 触覚」「聴覚」「味覚」「嗅覚」の五感で感じた日本の旅をテーマにした5年がかりの写真展の4年めになります。

日本旅行写真家協会会員 大高

★Japan Travel Photographers Association 15th Photo-Exhibition
Our members try to expire of Japanese originality as"Travel of Five Senses"
It is the 4th year of the 5-year photo exhibition on the theme of traveling in Japan felt by the five senses of "visual" "tactile" "hearing" "taste" "smell".
This year we will express "Japanese food" that traveling members met and felt on their journey.
We are very welcome to visit and enjoy our works about taste of Japanese traditional and original food world. Thank you!
Admission is free, opening hours are 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Saturdays and Sundays is 11: 00 ~, the last day is 15: 00)
.NOTE":Gallery Location"
Gallery Name : Portrait Gallery
Location : 1-7-12 Yotsuya Shinju-ku Tokyo (Nihon Shashin Kaikan 5F)

大高写真事務所 大高 明
社団法人 日本写真家協会員(JPS)

AKIRA OTAKA 3-13-2-1402 KACHIDOKI CHUOKU TOKYO 104-0054 JAPAN otaka-photo@expos.jp